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Protein Industries Canada (PIC)

A team passionate and dedicated to cultivating innovation in the agricultural sector. Today, we're chatting with the fine folks behind Protein Industries Canada. We got the scoop on why these pioneers are all about the Path life, and it's more than just the free coffee and comfy chairs. So, grab your virtual cup of ambition and join us as we dive into the world of Protein Industries Canada and their journey within the walls of Path.

Industry: Agrifood

Years in Business: Five

Member of Path since: 2019

+ What kind of work does Protein Industries Canada do?

Protein Industries Canada is one of Canada’s five Global Innovation Clusters, dedicated to the growth of the country’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients sector. In this role, we collaboratively invest in projects focused largely on new product development, particularly plant-based ingredients and foods, with smaller program streams focused on artificial intelligence and capacity building co-investments. This collaborative approach has helped companies across the country scale their businesses, while creating new jobs and new protein options for Canadian families to enjoy.

+ What motivated your company to choose our co-working space as your base of operations? Were there specific features or benefits that attracted you to this environment?

The welcoming atmosphere at Path was one of the first draws. When you walk in, there are

plenty of creative, friendly people to greet you—and they all have such great stories to share. Everyone here is involved in a local business, and you can learn so much if you take a few minutes to sit down and talk to them about it.

At the same time, Path gave us the small space we needed when we first became a member, then the room to grow as our organization grew. While we have staff from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, approximately half of our employees live in and around Regina. Path has given them the opportunity to come into the office when it suits them, and as we’ve grown it’s also given us the option and space to offer them meeting space, office space, or space to just interact with other Protein Industries Canada employees in a face-to-face environment, rather than primarily online.

+ Can you share a memorable moment or achievement that your company has experienced during your time in our workspace?

Last year, we received news of our second round of funding under the Global Innovation Cluster Program through the Government of Canada. This was a significant achievement, as it meant we could continue our work to grow the plant-based sector. With this additional $150 million, we can continue to help companies put new products on grocery store shelves, and create new jobs and a stronger economy for all of Canada to enjoy. Plus, the stability of five more years of federal funding means we get to stick around Path for a few more years—and even allowed us the option to move into a larger space here in the office.

+ What has been your team’s favourite aspect of working from Path, and how has it
positively influenced your company’s daily operations / culture?

The support of Path staff and the flexibility the space provides have been two crucial elements for us. The Path staff are always here to support us when we need it, whether it’s to fix something or just to have a friendly conversation. And the setup here at Path means we’re able to choose from a variety of boardrooms when we need them, or use the studio at basecamp for any filming we may need to do on site. We’ve also been able to move into the space we need as we’ve grown, so we’ve been able to accommodate staff as they’ve chosen to work in the office or at home on a daily basis. And the downtown location is great, as it’s relatively easy for staff from all areas of the city to get to.

+ What advice would you give to other companies considering headquartering at Path as a part of their business strategy?

Take all of Path’s amenities into consideration, as well as the more informal benefits the other businesses can offer you. A lot of the amenities—the boardrooms, the coffee, snacks and drinks, the studio, the zen room, and the benefits available through the app—aren’t available through other office spaces, especially when combined with the flexibility of offices, desk space, or the common area. And there are so many other businesses and entrepreneurs that call Path home. Their welcoming and friendly chatter helps add to the atmosphere of the space, making it perfect for anyone looking for an energetic, inspiring place to work—or just a great conversation over a good cup of coffee.

+ Are there any upcoming projects, expansions, or initiatives that our readers/members
should look forward to from your company?

Our full organization will be in Regina during Agribition week. We only get together fully once or twice a year, so this is fairly significant for us. If you’d like to meet the other cross-country Protein Industries Canada staff, it’s a great opportunity to get to know some of them!


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