The New Way to Work in YQR

As Saskatchewan based entrepreneurs, we’ve always believed that our province has a lot of opportunity and potential. We tackled our first opportunity when we opened Leopold’s Tavern in 2013 in Regina. A lot has happened since 2013 and we proudly continue to grow our bars across Western Canada. From day one the success of Leo’s has been driven by community building and hospitality, which is where the first connection to Path Cowork lies.


Our shared values and passion for meaningful work, big thinking and the desire to see our province succeed, inspired us to create a community that helps businesses and people grow.


Our space is much more than just a place to plug in a laptop or host a meeting—it is a community we’ve worked hard to cultivate and a community that we’re proud of. We foster collaboration and embrace positivity in a beautiful space that helps inspire our members to do great work. We strive everyday to make Path Cowork a workplace that our members love to be a part of.

Founders: Jason Drummond,
Matt Pinch, Mike Ash

Justin Lee

General Manager

If you have any questions about the space this is your guy to talk to! Justin plays many roles by managing marketing, business development, community engagement and the space itself.  

You’ll see him roaming around the space nearly every day of the week, so don’t forget to say "Hello!". If you need a break from the hustle, pick Justin's mind about marketing, sports or travel. Or even better, get to know him over a coffee or beer in the common area.


To create a workspace experience that allows our members to work effectively and happily everyday and to foster a community that allows people to thrive personally and professionally.


To change the way that people work in the prairies.



Work hard, nothing comes easy


Be proud, be you


Life is short, enjoy it


We all need it


Let it inspire you


Just go for it

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