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Jeff Dudar | Street Culture Project

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

We've been lucky enough to be the temporary workspace home of the Street Culture Project team while they complete work on their new head office. We caught up with Jeff Dudar, SCP's CEO to chat about what SCP does, how teams can benefit from accessing a flexible workspace during times of transition and not feeling guilty about investing in workplace culture.

What does your company do?

Street Culture Project (SCP) is a youth-centred charity/community-based organization that supports young people in Regina, Saskatchewan. At the most basic level, SCP provides services, supports and programs to youth experiencing homelessness. Our programs and services have the objective of growing youth toward health, well-being and independence.

What are some of the ways that your team has benefited from having a flexible workspace like Path during your transition?

The abundance of free flexible space (the booths, the phone rooms, the various comfortable workstations) it makes it super functional for my team to find someplace to work in private or be together and collaborate. The zen room, Leopold’s room and boardrooms allow us to meet internally or with stakeholders in a professional environment. Also, because everything is stocked (coffee and creamer in particular) and the boardrooms have all the dongles, whiteboards and media integration, facilitating work events and meetings is super easy. It’s also so clean!

What’s one thing—either industry-related or not—you or your team have learned in the last month?

That we don’t need to exist on an island and that we can have nice things too. There’s a misconception in the non-profit sector that non-profits can’t have nice things because any excess must translate to services to disadvantaged people/communities. However, I believe that working in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional space is an investment in workplace culture and psychological safety in the workplace.

Any tips or advice for other teams thinking about working from Path?

Don’t be afraid of shared workspace!

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