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Brita Lind | Adeptus Marketing

We had a blast hosting the @adeptus_marketing brand launch at Path HQ! After the magic dust of the party settled, we caught up with CEO Brita Lind to chat their alter ego, olympic-level extroverts (and their wig collections), wild office dogs and Path Basecamp selfies!

What does your company do?

We are a marketing agency. In real life that means we find out where a client wants to go and we help take them there. Our extensive tool belt boasts marketing strategy, advertising, branding, social media, communications, and even helping clients recruit and hire (we have a hiring secret sauce).

What are some of the ways that your team has benefitted since becoming members?

Our team has some Olympic-level extroverts and working at home by yourself is not conducive to great ideas. Path gives us the opportunity to be social and share ideas plus take advantage of the myriad of services and shenanigans that take place at Path.

What's the biggest misconception people have about co-working as a team?

We think people have a hard time believing work is getting done in a cowork space. People choose their own hours, nobody shows up to work, deadlines are not met because we’re all drinking craft beer and playing with yo-yos, wild dogs run amok in the office. The reality is that a cowork space gives you more control of your job. You choose to crush an entire day for a looming deadline or just work from home that day because the plumber is coming. Real lives need flexibility and it only improves the work.

What's one thing—industry-related or not—you or your team have learned in the last month?

Everyone has things that come up in their lives and may need to step away from your work. Get you a team that can provide support during those times.

Any tips or advice for other teams thinking about becoming members?

Get the app, enjoy the newsletter, and find the secret beautiful bathroom in Basecamp where the selfies are impeccable !

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