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South Saskatchewan Community Foundation (SSCF)

Industry: Charitable Sector

Years in Business: 54 years

Path Member since: June 2022

Hello and welcome friends, to a fascinating dive into the world of the South Saskatchewan

Community Foundation (SSCF) in this exclusive #PathProfile interview! SSCF, an organization

with a heartfelt commitment to South Saskatchewan's community, has chosen Path as its home base, and today, we're here to unravel the story behind their decision. Nestled in the heart of our #CommunityAtWork, SSCF is making waves with its support for local initiatives and positive change. From scholarships to grants, they're the driving force behind some remarkable projects. So, grab your favorite bevie, kick back, get comfy, and let's embark on a journey to learn more about the inspiring universe of SSCF. For a further sneak peek into their world, be sure to check out their website at to see all the incredible work we're about to uncover as we sit down and chat with the team!

+ What kind of work does SSCF do?

We build legacies right here in our community by pooling investments from donors and

working with hundreds of charities and non profits right across Saskatchewan and

Canada. We are here for the long-game and want to ensure we can build a strong and

vital community today, but also for generations to come. We not only accept cash but

also unique donations such as: stocks, mutual funds or RRSPs, land or mineral rights,

real estate, life insurance policies, private company shares, works of art, and charitable

remainder trust.

We have over 140 Funds and $100 million in assets, which have allowed us to give

back to the community over $60 million over 54 years. We protect and honour legacy


+ What motivated your company to choose Path as your base of


Path gives us a sense of community, it aligns with our vision and provides a unique

space for us to focus on our main business which is legacy giving. Being able to book

boardrooms when you need them, have confidential conversations in the private

spaces, and meet other businesses in the commons area has proven to be the right

setting for us.

+ Can you share a memorable moment or achievement that your team

has experienced during your time in our workspace?

We have convened over 10 donor events at Path that have brought in over 100 people

to see and experience the workspace. Our most recent personal business achievement

has been that we reached over $100 million in assets, and grew our investments into a

full community with over 20 new Funds.

+ What has been your team’s favourite aspect of working from Path,

and how has it positively influenced your company's daily operations / culture?

We love the flexibility of the space. It’s such a comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing

atmosphere. It’s been great hosting events in the common space. Our guests always

comment on how much it feels like they’re in someone’s home. We love the variety of

boardrooms to book for meetings.

Our team recently got a custom space built within Basecamp. While it’s amazing having

our own space within Path, it’s great to be able to go for a walk and visit with people

from other organizations as well. Our company has a remote/hybrid work model. The

inviting atmosphere of Path makes our in-office days exciting.

+ What advice would you give to other companies considering

headquartering at Path as a part of their business strategy?

We would highly recommend joining Path! There are so many different companies here

to network, collaborate, and build relationships with. It’s a great fit for anyone looking to

join a sense of community. It’s definitely enhanced our company culture.

+ Are there any upcoming projects, expansions, or initiatives that our

readers/members should look forward to from your company?

Our Vital Signs Report just launched on October 24th. Our Vital Signs Report focuses on South Saskatchewan recovering from the global pandemic and adapting to an increased cost of living. The report investigates the ways these challenges are impacting our community. It reveals the most pressing needs facing our community as identified by the surveyed charities and organizations across South Saskatchewan. By addressing the most pressing needs, we can work towards equitable and sustainable support for the well-being of our community.

If you're curious to learn more about the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation,

their incredible initiatives, and how you can get involved, head over to their website at Stay tuned, because we've got more #PathProfiles coming your way,

shedding light on the vibrant #CommunityAtWork in our ever-evolving workspace!

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