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Jennifer Fuller | Community Manager, Path Cowork

🌟 We're beyond thrilled to introduce our latest powerhouse addition to the Path team—our new Community Manager, Jenn! She’s Regina-grown and brings a passion for community engagement that’s a perfect fit for our vibrant lil' atmosphere here at Path. Join us as we chitchat our way through a quick Q&A, and learn a bit more about her journey, her visions for an engaging #CommunityAtWork, and the fun she plans to inject into every corner of Path!

Growing Up In Regtown

Q: Where'd you grow up? A: I was born and raised right here in Regina.

Finding the Path to Path

Q: What made you think, 'Yep, I gotta be the Community Manager at Path!'? A: I've always been drawn to the concept of nurturing spaces that build community—places where we can support each other in all aspects of life, not just business. Path does exactly that by connecting businesses of all sizes, and I knew I had to be a part of this incredible initiative.

Stories from the YQR Community

Q: Got any cool stories about bringing people together or community involvement in your previous gigs? A: Absolutely! During a three-month stint working with the Regina Folk Festival I witnessed our amazing community come together to really bring the event to life. Enjoying the festival and seeing our volunteers' dedication was truly heartwarming. The behind the scenes hard work was intense, but so rewarding! It was amazing to see all the artists mingle and collaborate, it made the whole experience unforgettable.

The Secret Ingredient to Community Building

Q: What's your secret for making folks feel like they belong? A: Keeping an open mind is crucial. It's all about being flexible, warm, and welcoming. I really genuinely enjoy the moments I get to spend chatting with our community members, learning about their businesses and personal interests—it's all about connecting on common ground and embracing our differences.

Unwinding Outside the Workspace

Q: When you're not rocking the #CommunityatWork scene, what's your go-to for unwinding and recharging? A: The first thing I do is snuggle with my cat, Bernie! I love cooking, exploring new recipes, and staying active with walks, gardening, hiking, and camping throughout the province.

Quirky Hobbies and Guilty Pleasures

Q: Any quirky hobbies or guilty pleasures we should know about? A: I have a knack for starting craft projects and never finishing them! I also used to make balloon animals, though I'm a bit rusty now. And yes for those that already know, I'm eagerly waiting to dive back into improv and theatre post-Covid!

Exciting Plans Ahead at Path

Q: What's the latest initiative you're planning as Community Manager that you are most pumped about? A: I’m thrilled about introducing new members and teams to our space, while making it as turnkey and comfortable as possible. Promoting Path's unique amenities and boosting our local visibility - I'm all about enhancing collaborative engagement and really getting to know the people and businesses in our community!

We're over the moon to have Jenn join our team! Stay tuned to see how she continues to nurture our shared spaces into growing hubs of creativity and collaboration. 🌱

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