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Andres Araneda | Mural Artist

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Recently we had local artist Andres Araneda in to spice up a blank wall at Path Basecamp with some new artwork! We caught up with him to chat about what he does when he's not painting murals, how being bored is the best motivation and general vibes of the Path workspace.

When you're not painting murals, what do you do for work?

I am a full-time Grade 5/6 French Immersion Teacher.

What motivates you to create?

My motivation often comes from a combination of being a little bored and wanting to shake things up a bit. I don’t get to do as much art as I used to, so anytime I get in the mood - that’s often all the motivation I need. I like to bring my ideas to life, so if an idea emerges from my brain, my first instinct is to find a way to create it.

How would you describe the Path Cowork atmosphere/community?

My time at Path was amazing. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and found that the space allowed me to get into a peaceful headspace. I love the sense of community and the general vibe everyone had while I worked there. People were always friendly and would come say hello whenever I was working. I also felt comfortable doing my thing, which makes a big difference when you’re trying to create something that demands so much time and attention to detail. I think you’ve created an interesting space that allows for a truly collaborative experience. I saw it every day I was there, and people just seemed happier and more relaxed being in such a cool environment. I had a wonderful and truly welcoming experience. It’s definitely a place I would love to work in!

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